Ulrik McArdle,
Software Developer...

My name is Ulrik McArdle and I have more than 10 years of experience in software development. I develop extensions, addons and modules in PHP and JavaScript for existing systems and websites.

My strengths are primarily backend programming, database design and scalable structured code. I take pride in good quality code and I'm always eager to learn new languages and concepts.

Call me on my cell

(+45) 40 91 02 03

Broby, Denmark


Simon Carl Borg Owner & Founder at Touchpoint | X-Googler | MSc. Marketing & BA

I have had the pleasure of working with Ulrik at iBob.dk were we collaborated on, amongst others, a number of tasks related to website optimization. Ulrik is a skilled back-end developer, who is extremely eager and fast in pick up new stuff. Despite that, he is very good at explaining technical terms and sophisticated coding to non-developers, as myself. This was very helpful in the collaboration of marketing and development departments. Despite his extensive developing skills, Ulrik is a very fun person to be around, helps out were he can and is overall very nice to be around. I would highly recommend Ulrik as a developer and wish him the best for the future.

Niels Thomsen Digital marketing specialist | Project Management | Business Developer

Ulrik is a skilled and very ambitious developer who has both legs solid planted on the ground. And with a good understanding of business, Ulrik is a developer who is able to work with all types of collegues. By Ulrik, everything is possible in the world of programming and that pretty much sums up the drive and enthusiasm Ulrik has to every task at hand. As a skilled developer and liked collegue, I wish Ulrik an expected success in his professional life.

Kenneth Jakobsen Co-founder & CTO at Cavea.io - building software for esports.

Ulrik is following the trends within the PHP space, so if you need a great PHP developer that is up-to-date in PHP frameworks and design principles, I would recommend Ulrik.

Knud Hjørlund System Developer at University of Southern Denmark

Jeg kan varmt anbefale Ulrik, da jeg kun har gode erfaringer i mit samarbejde med ham. Vi har altid skabt gode resultater sammen takket hans målrettethed og evne til at skabe resultater. Derudover er han god til at skabe en god stemning, der gør at man glæder sig til at komme på arbejde.

Frank Hjorth Web Developer at Multimarketing

In the years we've worked together, Ulrik has always valued quality and documentation. His consistency meant that a new programmer, could quickly take over previous projects he had contributed to. He's also excellent at teamwork, considering the options and opinions of his colleagues.

Andrew Hollis Technician at MIDIOdense

Ulrik is fantastic teacher, he is very good at explaining even the most difficult of concepts.

Work experience

Team leader / Chief developer
Odense, Denmark
Clean code, code review and system architecture. Task management and prioritizing. Deloping our base deployment system in Laravel and using various design patterns. Relational database architecture and design.
Moodle Laravel Vagrant Git / Github (terminal) Workflow and optimization Composer Server (LAMP) Caching (Redis / Memcached) PHP (OOP / OOD) Database (MySQL) JavaScript
Software developer
Odense, Denmark
Developing plugins, blocks og optimizing the Moodle framework (an e-learning platform), with among other things Memcached, database queries and well designed PHP code.
Moodle Vagrant Git / Github (terminal) Composer Server (LAMP) Caching (Redis / Memcached) PHP (OOP / OOD) Database (MySQL) JavaScript
PHP Developer
Flensburg, Germany
Maintaning multiple Magento stores in a Amazon Cloud setup, with scalability in mind.
AWS - Elasticache Redis / EC2 / RDS Vagrant Git / Github (terminal) Composer Magento Modman PHP (OOP / OOD) Database (MySQL) JavaScript (jQuery / Old school)
Broby, Denmark
Had my own company, where I did small to medium projects on the side of my main job.
Laravel Vagrant Git / Github (terminal) Composer PHP (OOP / OOD) Server (LAMP) Database (MySQL) JavaScript (jQuery / Old school)
Syddansk Erhvervsskole
Odense, Denmark
Mainly teaching the technical difficult majors.
CMS PHP (MVC) Server (LAMP) Database (MySQL) JavaScript (jQuery / Old school) Styling HTML/CSS (frontend)
Web developer
Vamdrup, Denmark
Created extensions and modules on our existing CMS. Developed a lot of features for our ERP system.
The ERP system could handle all our orders from production to end user. It was also a sales platform for our b2b customers, so they could sell their products, that they bought from us, to their own customers and brand them, like it was their own.
CMS PHP (MVC) Server (LAMP) Email / FTP support Database (MySQL) JavaScript (jQuery / Old school) Styling HTML/CSS (frontend)
Web developer
Odense, Denmark
Developing websites in our own CMS, Updating commonly used plugins like gallery, news and events and created custom modules which added functionality to the customers websites.
CMS (selfmade) PHP Server (LAMP) Email / FTP support Database (MySQL) JavaScript (Old school) Styling HTML/CSS (frontend)